Atlanta's Digital TV Channels

Atlanta is second in the nation for the number of digital stations available

The Free Channels Can You Receive With An Antenna?

Below is a list of the 80 FREE Digital TV channels that can possibly be received in the Atlanta, GA area with an Over-The-Air antenna of the proper size. Because digital TV doesn't use as much bandwidth as the old analog TV, each station can provide more channels (sub-channels) per frequency, thus the dot or dash numbers .2 .3 .4 etc. channel numbers.  The primary channel will always be the .1.  2.1 is ABC or WSB channel 2 as you know it from cable, satellite and analog TV the dot  1 channels are usually HD.  Some stations are low power and for a specific area like KTN Korean 47.1, is in Norcross and its signal doesn't go very far.  WANN is low power but shares a very high major tower.  It holds its own with the high power stations in the metro Atlanta area. Most of the major Atlanta stations are at 1 million watts power and have a strong signal around the Atlanta area and reaching well into and past the suburbs.  Sub-channels allow for more content & advertising to be provided to viewers.  Most of the major stations primary channels are broadcast in HD but their sub-channels are in SD.

Some of the digital stations upgrade and changing channels occasionally. Some will add new channels, move channels, and change channel numbers so you have to RE-SCAN your TV or Digital Box on a regular basis or you may not see the new sub-channels or changes. 

Most all of the stations are transmitted using the UHF band.  Two stations use the VHF band.  The UHF band is a high frequency that has a shorter range than the VHF band.  That is why it can be tricky to receive digital TV in the Atlanta area with its hills, buildings & trees.  UHF frequencies are affected by trees, buildings, even strong winds moving tree limbs.  They kind of act like light beams traveling straight, but can be reflected in a different direction.

Many people who used to have an antenna on their home had the old style log periodic type all band VHF/Uhf/FM antenna with the long rods in the back and short rods in the front which, will work with digital TV, it just will not perform as well as the newer designed UHF/VHF  broad lobe antennas we use that are far better designed for the Atlanta reception area.  Plus Uhf  antennas are not as large.

Unlike Analog TV where you could watch a weak snowy picture with good sound,  with Digital TV you will either have a perfect watchable picture or an unwatchable picture that's pixilated with the sound cutting in & out. We always use a higher gain antenna than is necessary for the strongest trouble-free reception available. 

The main Atlanta network stations in the list below are highlighted in Red. These channels are a must any others channels received are a bonus.  Some low power channels may broadcast intermittently.  New channels can be added at any time.  Some channels are low power stations and their signal will not reach as far as the major high power stations and may not be received outside their areas. 


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                  THE   ATLANTA  DIGITAL TV CHANNELS                 

80 Total Channels

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2.1    WSB    HD ABC Network Programming 
2.2    WSB    ME TV  Older TV Series and Programs   

5.1    WAGA  HD FOX Network Programming 

5.2   FOX  -  MOVIES   20th Century Fox

8.1    WGTV   HD GPB Main Programming - Georgia  VHF  
8.2    WGTV   GPB Kids Programming  VHF    

8.3    WGTV   GPB Knowledge History/Science  VHF    

8.4    WUGA 
UGA PBS Occisional + Weekends

11.1   WXIA   HD NBC Network Programming   VHF  

11.2   WXIA    Weather Nation VHF      

14.1   WPXA  HD ION Network Programming 

14.2   WPXA  Qubo Kids   

14.3   WPXA   ION Life  

14.4  WPXA  ShopTV  Shopping

14.5  WPIX   QVC  Shopping

15.1  Day Star  Christian  Very Low Power

16.1   WYGA    Soul Of The South   Low Power 

16.2   WYGA    SonLife     Christian   Low Power  

16.3   WYGA    WUVM       Spanish   *Coming Soon

16.4   WYGA    Open         Low power

16.5  WYGA    PeaceTV    Religious  Low Power

16.6  WYGA    Open           Low power

17.1   WPCH   HD Peachtree TV  The Old TBS

22.1  WSKC  South Korean   Low Power

22.2  WSKC  Veria TV Low Power

22.4  WSKC  MBC  Korean TV   Low Power

26.1   WTBS   HD Mundo Fox  Spanish 

26.2   WTBS   LWN   Live Well Network  

26.3   WTBS   Jewelry TV

26.4  WTBS   France 24 News English    (Back on air soon)

26.5   WTBS   France 24 News  English   (Back on air soon)

26.6   WTBS   LMM  La Mega Mundial - Spanish Music Video  
 26.8   WTBS   TUFF TV  Guy TV 

30.1  WPBA    HD PBS Programming - National  

32.1   WANN   Atlanta Programming Channel Guide       

32.2   WANN   RTV  Older Series and Programs  

32.3   WANN  Shop 1  

32.4   WANN  MoXie - Old Color  Movies 24/7 

32.5   WANN  Oldie Goldie  Old B/w Movies 24/7

32.6   WANN  My Family TV - Family TV Programming   

32.7   WANN  VIETOP   Viet Nam

32.8    WANN  LATV Atlanta Spanish     

32.9    WANN  This TV  -  Old TV Series / Movies   

32.10  WANN  EstrellaTV Spanish 

32.11  WANN Talk Radio  

32.12 WANN  Radio Audio  The Bull 94.9

32.13 WANN  Radio Audio   105.7

32.14 WANN  Radio Audio   96.1

32.15 WANN  Radio Audio   96.1-2

32.16 WANN  Radio Audio  Patron Spanish

32.17 WANN  Radio Audio  La Mega Spanish

32.18 WANN  Radio Audio  AM 1310

32.19 WANN  Radio Audio  Talk

32.20 WANN  Radio Audio  Country

34.1  WUVG  Univision  Spanish Programming  

34.2  WUVG  Tele-Furtura Spanish Programming  

34.3  WUVG  GetTV  Sony Pictures Movies 1970 & older

36.1  WATL   HD  MyATL Network Programming  

36.2  WATL   Bounce  TV Shows/Movies  

36.3  WATL   Antenna  Old TV Series/Movies    

40.1  WIRE    Info-commercials     Low Power

40.2  WIRE    Info-commercials     Low power

40.3  WIRE    Info-commercials     Low power

40.4  WIRE    Info-commercials     Low power  
42.1  WATC  HD The Atlanta Channel HD Info. Very Low Power   

45.1  W45DX-D   HSN  Shopping  Low power

46.1  WGCL  CBS  HD  CBS Network Programming  

47.1  KTN    Telemundo Spanish programming  

47.2  KTN     KSB1 World  Korean  Norcross Area  

47.3  KTN     Arirang  Korean/English  Norcross Area

47.4  KTN     MBC-TV Korean  Norcross Area

47.5   KTN       CBS  Korean  Norcross Area

47.6  KTN     VIETOP   Vietnam

50.1 WAGC  Info-commercials     Low Power

50.2 WAGC  Info-commercials     Low Power

53.1  WDTA  DAYSTAR  Christian Programming

57.1  WATC  TV 57  Christian Programming

57.2  WATC  TOO  Movies / Family Programming

63.1  TBN       Christian Programming  

63.2  Church  Christian Programming  

63.3  JCTV     Christian Programming

63.4  Enlace   Christian Programming Spanish  

63.5  Smile     Christian Programming Children

69.1  WUPA    HD The CW Network Programming  


                                                                           Channel List Updated 7-18-2014

             Channel Reception Depends On Your Location, Antenna Range, and Station’s Coverage.




Depending on your location in the Atlanta area, you may or may not be able to receive some of the stations listed above. Or you may receive channels not listed above from other markets.  Most of the stations' towers are around the city of Atlanta, downtown area.  With ION's 14.1 tower in Waleska, GA and PBS's 8.1 atop Stone Mountain.  Most antennas used today are directional and may not receive a station not in the front direction of the antenna.