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   Atlanta's Digital TV Channels

Atlanta is second in the nation for the number of digital stations available


The Free Channels You Can Receive With An

Antenna from Atlanta Digital TV


  Below is a list of the over 100 FREE Digital TV channels that can possibly be received in the Atlanta, GA area with an Over-The-Air antenna all can be received if your address is in a perfect area. Because digital TV doesn't use as much bandwidth as the old analog TV, each station can provide more channels (sub-channels) per frequency, thus the dot or dash numbers .2 .3 .4 etc. channel numbers.  The primary channel will always be the .1.  2.1 is ABC or WSB channel 2 as you know it from cable, satellite and analog TV the dot  .1 channels are usually HD.  Some stations are low power and for a specific area like KTN Korean 47.1, is in Norcross and its signal doesn't go very far.  WANN is low power but, shares a very high major tower.  It holds its own with the high power stations in the metro Atlanta area but still its signal won't reach as far as a million watt major channel many times . Most of the major Atlanta stations are at 1 million watts power and have a strong signal around the Atlanta area and reaching well into and past the suburbs.  Sub-channels (the .2 +) allow for more content & advertising to be provided to viewers.  Most of the major stations primary channels are broadcast in HD but their sub-channels are in SD or standard definition.

   Some of the digital stations upgrade and changing channels occasionally. Some will add new channels, move channels, and change channel numbers so you have to RE-SCAN your TV or Digital Box on a regular basis or you may not see the new sub-channels or changes some TV will add them automatically.  

   Most all of the stations are transmitted using the UHF band.  Four stations use the VHF band.  The UHF band is a ultra high frequency that has a shorter range than the VHF band.  That is why it can be tricky to receive digital TV in the Atlanta area with its hills, buildings & trees.  UHF frequencies are affected by trees, buildings, even strong winds moving tree limbs.  They kind of act like light beams traveling straight, but can be reflected in a different direction. 

   Many people who used to have an antenna on their home had the old style log periodic type all band VHF/Uhf/FM antenna with the long rods in the back and short rods in the front which, will work with digital TV, it just will not perform as well as the newer designed UHF/VHF  broad lobe antennas we use that are far better designed for the Atlanta reception area.  Plus Uhf  antennas are not as large. 

   Unlike Analog TV where you could watch a weak snowy picture with good sound,  with Digital TV you will either have a perfect watchable picture or an unwatchable picture that will pixilate with the sound cutting in & out. We always use a higher gain antenna than is necessary for the strongest trouble-free reception.  The HD picture will be the same not matter the digital signal strength.  

   The main Atlanta network stations in the list below are highlighted in  RED   and  most  .1  channels are in HD. These channels are a must have and any others channels received are a bonus. Some low power channels may broadcast intermittently.  New channels can be added at any time.  Some channels are low power stations and their signal will not reach as far as the major high power stations and may not be received outside their areas or at your address. 


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    Get the app for your phone or tablet.  You must create a "NEW" channel lineup,  enter an Atlanta zip code & choose "Broadcast" in order to see the Atlanta channels.



Atlanta's Digital TV Channels

122 Total Channels


You should re-scan channels occasionally for any new channels


2.1    WSB    HD  ABC Network Programming

2.2    WSB    ESCAPE - Crime/Drama  Series/Movies/Doc.

    3/27/2017  (ME TV - has moved out of the Metro-Atlanta market)

2.3     WSB   LAFF  -  Comedy Channel TV Series



5.1    WAGA  HD  FOX Network Programming

5.2   MOVIES  -  20th Century Fox Movies  <1972

5.3   BUZZR TV  -  Game Show TV



8.1    WGTV   HD  GPB - Georgia Public Programming - VHF 

8.2    WGTV   GPB -  Create - Cooking, Arts, Craft more  VHF 

8.3    WGTV   GPB  Knowledge  -  History/Science  VHF

8.4    WGTV   GPB  PBS Kids  -  Childrens Programming  VHF  

8.8    WGTV   GPB  Music -  GPB  88.5 FM Radio WRAS  VHF   


9.1   WTBS   NewsMAX TV - Conservative Opinion + other

9.2   WTBS   ESTRELLA TV  Spanish  (+Shopping) (Dup)  VHF

9.3   WTBS   Retro TV -  Older TV Series / Movies  VHF

9.4   WTBS   LATV  (Dup 32.8)  VHF

9.5   WTBS   YOUTOO - Social TV  VHF

9.6   WTBS   SHOP  (Dup 32.3)  VHF



11.1   WXIA   HD NBC Network Programming   VHF

11.2   WXIA    Weather Nation  - Weather Info.  VHF  

11.3   WXIA    Justice Network   Crime & Justice VHF


 12.1   WTBS   THIS TV  -  Older TV Series / Movies   (Dup 32.2)  VHF

12.2   WTBS   THE WORKS  -  MGM TV  TV series 1950s/1990s  (Dup 32.9)  VHF

12.3   WTBS    MOXIE - Old Color  Movies  (Dup 32.4)  VHF 

12.4   WTBS   Oldie Goldie - Old B&W Movies  (Dup 32.5)  VHF 

12.5   WTBS   SHOP (Dup 9.6, 32.3)  VHF

12.6   WTBS   RETRO  RTV -  Older TV Series and Movies  (Dup 32.7)  VHF

12.7   WTBS   BizTV - Business/Finance (Dup 32.1)  VHF

12.8   WTBS   OldSchool 87.7 -  ATL Radio R&B + Video 


14.1   WPXA  HD ION  Network Programming

14.2   WPXA  Qubo Kids  -  Kids

14.3   WPXA  ION Life  - Home & Living

14.4  WPXA  ShopTV - Shopping

14.5  WPXA   QVC  - Shopping


15.1  DAY STAR - Christian  Low Power  Limited areas


16.1   WYGA   Shop LC - TV Shopping  Low power 

16.2   WYGA   SonLife  -  Christian  Low Power

16.3   WYGA   THTV   -  True Health TV  Low Power 

16.4   WYGA    HSN  Shopping -  Low power

16.5  WYGA    Almavision -  Spanish Religious  Low Power

16.6  WYGA    HSN 2  Shopping  Low power

16.7  WYGA    ONTV4U - TV Shopping  Low Power  



17.1   WPCH   HD  Peachtree TV Atlanta


21.1  WLVO   DiyaTV  Pakistani/Indian - S. Asian  Low Power 

21.2  WLVO   WATC-too Programming - Religious Low Power

21.3  WLVO   Malankara Orthdox TV -  Indian  Low Power

21.4  WLVO   JoyTV  Programming - Religious Music  Low Power


22.1  WSKC  South Korean  Low Power Norcross Area

22.2  WSKC  Veria TV  Low Power  Norcross Area

22.3  WSKC  THTV  - True Health TV   Low Power Norcross Area

22.4  WSKC  MBC -  Korean TV   Low Power  Norcross Area  


26.1   WTBS   HD  ESTRELLA TV - Spanish

26.2   WTBS   QVC  Shopping

26.3   WTBS   JTV  Jewelry TV - Shopping

26.4   WTBS   France 24 News - English  World / US News

26.5   WTBS   LSTV - (Trouble Bars) LATIN SMART - Spanish  

26.6   WTBS   NewsMAX TV - Conservative Opinion + other  (dup 9.1) 


28.1   WDWW   Country Network - Country Music Video  Low Power

28.2   WDWW    Evine  -  Shopping  Low Power

28.3   WDWW   American Sports Network - College Sports  Low Power

28.4   WDWW   Shop LC - Jewelry + Shopping   Low Power

28.5   WDWW   QVC  Over-Air  - Shopping    Low Power

28.6   WDWW   QVC  Plus -  Shopping    Low Power



30.1  WPBA   HD  PBS Programming - National PBS


32.1   WANN   Atlanta Programming Channel Guide + BizTV - Business

32.2   WANN   THIS TV  -  Older TV Series / Movies     

32.3   WANN   Shop 1 - Shopping

32.4   WANN   MOXIE - Old Color  Movies  

32.5   WANN   Oldie Goldie - Old B&W Movies

32.6   WANN   Comet TV - Sci-Fi  Entertainment 

32.7   WANN   KBS Word - Korean  Norcross Area 

32.8   WANN   LATV - Atlanta  - Spanish  

32.9    WANN  CHARGE!  -  MGM Movies (older)     

32.10  WANN  ESTRLLA  Spanish  (+Shopping)

32.11   WANN  Radio Audio  -  tba Local Radio Station

32.12  WANN  Radio Audio  -  tba Local Radio Station

32.13  WANN  Radio Audio  -  tba Local Radio Station 

32.14  WANN  Radio Audio  -  tba Local Radio Station  

32.15  WANN  Radio Audio  -  tba Local Radio Station 

32.16  WANN  Radio Audio  -  tba Local Radio Station 

32.17  WANN  Radio Audio  -  tba Local Radio Station  

32.18  WANN  Radio Audio  -  tba Local Radio Station

32.19  WANN  Radio Audio  -  tba Local Radio Station

32.20  WANN  Radio Audio  -  tba Local Radio Station


34.1  WUVG  Univision - Spanish Programming

34.2  WUVG  UniMas  - Spanish Programming  

34.3  WUVG  GetTV  - Sony Pictures Movies 1970 & older

34.4  WUVG  Escape TV - Crime/Drama  Series/Movies/Doc.


35.1  WDTA  DAYSTAR -  Christian Programming    Low Power



36.1  WATL   HD  MY ATL  Network Programming

36.2  WATL   Bounce TV - Series/Movies

36.3  WATL   Antenna TV - Old TV Series/Movies 


38.1  WILG   TCT  Tri-State Christian Television

38.2  WILG   HD  TCT Family  Tri-State Christian Television


40.1  WIRE    Info-commercials     Low Power

40.2  WIRE    Info-commercials     Low power

40.3  WIRE    Info-commercials     Low power

40.4  WIRE    Video MRX -  Music Videos  Low power  

42.1  WATC  HD The Atlanta Channel  - ATL Tourist Info.  Very Low Power  


45.1  W45DX-D   HSN - Shopping  Low power



46.1  WGCL  CBS  HD   CBS Network Programming

46.2  WGCL  COZI TV  Older TV Series    

46.3  WGCL  GRIT TV  Westerns/Action/Bold Movies 


47.1  KTN    Telemundo - Spanish programming   Norcross Area

47.2  KTN    Telemundo - Spanish programming  Norcross Area

47.3  KTN    TeleXitos - Spanish   Norcross Area 

47.4  KTN     KBS Word - Korean  Norcross Area                         

47.5  KTN2   MBC-TV - Korean  Norcross Area

47.6   WKTB  Atl CBS - Christian  Korean  Norcross Area

47.7   KTN       VIET - Vietnam  Norcross Area


50.1  WAGC  Info-commercials     Low Power

50.2  WAGC  Info-commercials     Low Power


53.1  WDTA  DAYSTAR - Christian Programming  Low power


57.1  WATC  TV 57 -  Christian Programming

57.2  WATC  TOO  -  Movies - Family Programming


63.1  TBN   -  Christian Programming

63.2  Church Channel -  Christian Programming  

63.3  JU/SO  -  Christian Programming

63.4  Enlace  -  Christian Programming Spanish   

63.5  SASLA  -  Christian Programming 



69.1  WUPA  -  HD  The CW Network Programming

69.2  WUPA  -  DECADES TV - Rem. Relate, Older TV series


4   WUVM   Low Power Analog  -  Spanish   The Only Atlanta Analog channel  ATL  


21.6  UpdateTV  No Programming - allows software updates for devices such as TVs and converter boxes.  Blank screen seen on some TV's.

21.7  UpdateTV  No Programming - allows software updates for devices such as TVs and converter boxes.  Blank screen seen on some TV's.                                        

                                                     Channel List Updated 3-28-2017

                                     Channel Reception Depends On Your Location,

                                       Antenna Range, and Station’s Coverage.

                         Low power stations may not be received in many areas

                   All stations are Uhf band except; 8.1+, 9.1+, 11.1+, 12.1+ are Vhf Hi
Duplicate channels may cover or reach other areas not covered by its other channel          

VHF-UHF TV Band Digital Television Signals can be transmitted in different TV channel bands. The Low VHF band uses channels 2-6 (not used in Atlanta).  The High VHF band uses channels 7-13.  The UHF band uses channels 14-51. The band that a station uses is based on its "RF Channel Number", which can be different from its "Virtual Channel Number" (the one that is displayed on your TV screen). The different bands behave differently when travelling through the air and trees, so depending on which frequency band a station uses, you may need a different type of antenna designed for that frequency. Atlanta needs VHF/UHF.

Depending on your location in the Atlanta area, you may or may not be able to receive some of the stations listed above. Or you may receive channels not listed above from other local markets.  Most of the station's towers are around the city of Atlanta, downtown area.  With ION's 14.1 tower near Waleska, GA on Bear Mtn. and PBS's 8.1 atop Stone Mountain.  Most antennas used today are directional and may or may not receive a station not in the front direction of the antenna. 



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