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There are over 99 FREE Atlanta Digital & HD TV channels that can be received with a new style Digital Antenna and newer HD TV with a digital tuner, or a Digital Converter Box can be added to any older analog TV. Considering dropping cable or satellite and saving that monthly bill and up to $1000 or more a year? Nowadays thousands of families are switching to FREE Broadcast Network TV by antenna, and "cutting the cord" as they call it, now that the TV picture is perfect and there are so many channels. Atlanta is the second largest digital TV market in the U.S. in terms of stations available. To receive Atlanta's Digital Over-The-Air TV Channels you simply need a newer style Uhf - Vhf TV antenna.

Atlanta Digital TV sells and installs residential and commercial TV antenna systems that will allow you to receive up to 99 FREE digital & HD channels. We can provide you with a Master Home Antenna System for all the TVs in your home and one that most importantly matches your location. Although there are over 90 channels available, you may have no interest in many, and many may not be able to be receive all at your address (see our channel list page), but still there are several great NEW channels offering movie and entertainment content along with all the major Atlanta network channels you are used to watching. Realize you won'treceive the popular "cable only" channels over-the-air, like HGTV, CNN, TNT, History, Nick etc. (Update now you can; see new SLING service below.) These are cable only channels but most have their programs available to view online streaming and to your TV via the correct hookup. So if you like, A&E and others, most shows are available somewhere online or through steaming services. Sports channels will need to be streamed live when available or Roku offers paid sports via their devices for your TV. If you require and view a lot of TV, antenna TV may not be for you. If you mainly  watch  the Atlanta  channels  and network TV programming and enjoy NetFlix and Hulu you'll be fine. Add an internet TV box for hundreds, yes hundreds more channels. You'll have more to watch then with cable. For Free or less. Some use a friend or relative who is still on cable share an Xfinity online (or other TV service) account to view popular cable channels on their Roku box or computer. A new service just started called SlingTV makes a great companion to your antenna reception. for $20 a month provides a great cable/satellite 20+ channel lineup to compliment your local network antenna channels and streams to, a Roku and other box to your TV.

        Over-the-air is the preferred way to watch the Atlanta channels on all your homes HD TVs.

Over-the-Air Digital TV & HD reception by an antenna can be tricky in the Atlanta market because of the UHF band it uses and our many hills and trees. No one can guarantee that all 90 channels will be received at your address, but still, most all major channels can be received with the proper antenna and installation if done correctly. Most addresses receive about 50 to 70 channels with a high gain antenna, some even receive 80 and up to 100 channels. So, before you purchase and try to install a Master antenna system yourself, only to discover it doesn't provide reliable reception after hours or days of installation and working with it, or you end up with the picture freezing constantly on your favorite channels, or not receiving the most channels, consider calling us. We've seen this happen too many times, you will save time and money in the long run. And most often, customer purchased antennas just aren't suitable for their area and are the wrong type. 

   A good online review for an antenna in Tampa or Chicago may not be suitable for Atlanta and your unique address. And careful if you find someone doing it sideline or won't go on your roof, you get what you pay for. Save yourself time and trouble, and get the job done right. Many times it even takes us extra time to get your channels, every address is different and has its own unique reception characteristics. Even moving an antenna a few feet to a new location can gain or lose a signal. This can be the difference in receiving or not receiving a trouble-free channel! Sometimes the signal will need to be amplified or can be too strong and an attenuator has to be used to weaken the signal near the towers. Plus, redirecting your home's cabling for antenna feeds to all your TV's can be overwhelming.

  The newer style antennas are smaller and less obtrusive looking than the old big analog TV antennas and they mount lower on a roof. Most antennas need to be installed on your roof, attic installation can work If you are in a good reception zone. Some people with skills have had success installing their own antenna, but if you're considering installing a roof antenna yourself, watch this video if you have a few minutes; click this link Lucy Puts Up A TV Antenna    Skip to 10 minutes for the fun.


                          Analog TV one channel per frequency    *    Digital TV multiple channels per frequency   

With   our decades of TV antenna experience and our professional quality work, you will enjoy the maximum benefits of a new digital antenna system. We have installed hundreds of antennas in the Metro Atlanta area. Antenna TV, in conjunction with a FREE and small subscription internet box TV, is more than enough for many people. Atlanta Digital TV is one of the few companies that installs TV antenna systems right. Careful of online, out of state subcontracting companies who just put them up quickly and usually use small cheaper antennas you'll never know the channels you could be getting but aren't.

And caution on internet installation companies they are in the business of finding anyone to fill an order, their subcontracted guys have little experience and just put them up quick and usually use small cheaper  antennas, you'll never know the channels you could be  getting  but  aren't. We know this, because we are often asked to fix such installations. Ask about the experience of the person installing your antenna. You'll find few that can match our experience, professionalism and inventory. Because at Atlanta Digital TV the Owner and local low power digital TV station engineer with his decades of experience will be installing your antenna, not a less experienced person new to TV antenna installation and reception.      


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To record your antenna TV programming, you will need a DVR.  The Channel Master DVR+ is a great choice with no monthly fee as well as the new TiVo Roamio with 4 tuners for over-the-air recording. There are other methods to record TV.  But nowadays a lot of TV series are available to view online on many sites making DVR's less important for recording programming. They are great for pausing live TV when you need to step away. This is a new great low cost DVR with an excellent tuner, just add memory.    (not the HW 180 PVR)

                             We Can Install It 

If  you have decided to try your own TV antenna & mount, YES, we can install it for you.  But all too often, we  find many  consumers will have  the  wrong  antenna  for  their  address.  If you have had your antenna installed by someone else and it isn't working to your satisfaction we can probably fix it or if your antenna needs to be moved to the roof from your attic for better reception, we can do it.

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Please email us from our "Contact Us & Get A Price Quote" page with your street, address , zip code, email and your contact information for a return email with your " Master Home Antenna Package" price quote for your address, as every address is unique for reception. If you don't see our reply email soon, please check your spam or junk  folder for it.  Be patient, it takes us time to look up every address to evaluate for reception.  Please do not call for a quote as its time consuming by phone, since every address has to be looked up for reception prediction and antenna size.


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