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    Thanks to the 2009 digital conversion ACT and the end of analog TV there are now over 100 FREE Atlanta digital & HD TV channels that can be received with a digital TV antenna and your HD TV with a digital tuner or, a digital converter tuner box can be added to any older TV to receive the new digital signals.  Are you considering dropping cable or satellite and saving that monthly bill which can add up to $1000 or more a year?  Nowadays millions of families are making the switch to FREE Over-the-Air (OTA) Broadcast TV, cutting-the-cord as they call it, now that the TV picture is in beautiful uncompressed HD and there are so many channels available.  To complement your antenna TV channels, just add a streaming TV device like a Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV or smart TV with Apps or other for thousands of Over-the-Top (OTT) programs & movies.  No cable or satellite is needed, only a decent broadband connection. Some TV's nowadays are Smart TV's with streaming apps built in and ready to go with popular apps.


    Atlanta Digital TV sells and installs residential and commercial TV antenna systems that will allow you to receive Atlanta's digital & HD channels (see our Atlanta Channels list page).  We can provide you with a master home antenna package for over-the-air reception on all the connected TV's in your home.  Although there are over 100 channels available, you may have no interest in many of them just like with satellite and cable and some lower power stations may not be received at your address, the high power major network channels are the must-have channels and are usually received without issue. There are many new channels available over-the-air like never before. There are movie, TV series channels, weather, news, game show, comedy, Spanish, religious, history, shopping and more channels available with all the local Atlanta channels you know and major networks you're used to watching on cable or satellite.   

  Goodbye Comcast, AT&T U-verse, Charter Cable, Satellite

    Know that you won't receive the "popular cable or satellite only" channels with an over-the-air antenna ike ESPN, HGTV, CNN, Disney, History, A&E, FOX News, but there's are new and less costly way to receive them than cable and satellite. Several of the free antenna TV channels are on cable & satellite TV basic packages and there are similar channels for free with an antenna.  Cable even charges you for the free Atlanta channels. It's hard to believe, but almost every TV show or series is available somewhere online (pay and free) to view when you want to view it on you TV.


    A great companion to antenna TV is a streaming device. If you still need some popular cable/satellite channels at a less cost there are streaming channel services available to suit your budget and compliment your antenna TV for as little a $20 a month.  If you mostly watch live network TV shows, local news and national sports, enjoy on demand TV shows like on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime & movies on a streaming devices or smart TV you'll be fine. Spend that monthly $avings on something else. 


    Over-the-air digital TV & HD reception by an antenna can be tricky in Metro Atlanta because of the Uhf band used nowadays and Atlanta's many hills and trees which can affect reception if not done right. No one can guarantee that all the channels will be received at your address all the time, but most all the major high power stations are usually received trouble free with the proper antenna suited for your address and installation from Atlanta Digital TV.  Many addresses receive 50 to 80+ and many 100+ channels with a high gain roof or attic installed antenna.  So, before you purchase and try to install an antenna system yourself, only to discover it doesn't provide you reliable reception after hours or days of installation and expense only to end up with the picture constantly freezing on your favorite channel, or not receiving all the must-have network channels, consider calling us. We've seen this happen all too often.  Most often we see that customer purchased antennas are just not suitable for their address or are the wrong type of antenna or online hyped junk antennas. You'll save time, money and frustration in the end when you invest in a professional installation from us. Done correctly, an antenna and installation will last decades and will be ready for ATSC 3.0 or 4K TV over-the-air with the same antenna.

     A good online review for an antenna in Tampa, FL or Chicago, IL probably won't be suitable for Atlanta and your unique address. And be careful if you find or ask someone to do an installation on the side or ask a handyman to install an antenna for you, you get what you pay for.  It can take an hour or more just to peak and balance all the channels at an address since every address is unique for reception and has its own unique reception characteristics and signal propagation. Sometimes 2 different antennas may have to tested find the one that works best at an address. This can be the difference between receiving or not receiving channels trouble-free. Sometimes weak signals will need to be amplified or a distribution amplifier will be needed if going to several TVs. Signals can also be too strong sometimes or one channel will overpower a weaker channel and an attenuator will need to be used to weaken the signals. Tweaking out multi-pathing signals can be tough in some areas. Plus, figuring out and redirecting your home's cable network for antenna feeds to your TV's can be overwhelming and very, challenging... 

         Analog TV one channel per frequency    *    Digital TV multiple channels per frequency  

    With our decades of TV antenna experience and our professional quality work, you will enjoy the maximum benefits of a master home TV antenna and start $aving.  We have installed more TV antennas than anyone in Atlanta Metro area providing unmatched experience and knowledge of TV reception.  Be careful of online Home Service booking sites out of state that just find someone on their list in your zip code to accept the paid referral to install an antenna and don't have the tools, inventory, knowledge for a professional antenna installation since they don't install TV antennas full time.  We know this because we have often been asked to repair such installations.  Our prices are fair and competitive for Atlanta and other markets across the country. We only use the highest quality antennas and materials.


    You will find "few" can match our experience, professionalism, and inventory.  At Atlanta Digital TV, your Master Home Antenna installation will be done by The Owner, who is an Electronics Technician, a TV Station Engineer, Satellite TV Technician and an Antenna Systems Technician.  When you use us, you will have decades of expertise from the owner and his extensive background since he will be installing your antenna, not a hired young person who was born in the age of cable and satellite, that's hard to put a price on.

    Those little flat type indoor antennas and others will receive some nearby or strong channels, as will a coat hanger and that may be okay for a TV in a bathroom for a channel or few they might receive, but for the main family TV probably not. They are also good for testing your reception at your address.  But, those indoor flat antennas are just not able to receive enough signal through walls and neighbors homes to provide reliable trouble-free reception.  We find people try them for a while, then when they've had enough of unreliable reception they call us for a real antenna and installation. You always want more antenna signal gain than needed at your address. 


     Many of the newer style digital TV antennas are much less obtrusive than the older style large long antennas with the long and short rods on them and they can be mounted on a shorter mast pole on the roof out of sight often. Some antennas may need to be installed on your roof but if suitable and reception is strong, an attic install can work well. Some people have the skills and tools to install their own master TV antennas but if you are considering installing an antenna yourself watch this funny video link if you have a few minutes.  Lucy Puts Up A TV Antenna                                                                                                  skip to 10 minutes for the fun 

....... TV Channels Come From Many Towers ....... ..That's Why Reception Balance Can Be Tough ..


Can We Install It or Fix It For You ?


     If you have your own antenna or have decided to buy and try your own antenna and mast mount installation and then realize it isn't for you after you stepped through the ceiling or fell off the ladder or roof we can give you a quote to install it for you but please know, all too often we find the antenna you have purchased may not be a good choice and we may  be reluctant to install it knowing the results may be less than suitable for reliable reception and no one will be happy. There's a lot of hype for TV antennas and their reception range in advertising, marketing materials and internet ads.  An example is the heavily marketed "little" Lava type 150 mile antennas with a little rotor motor. That defies physics and TV signal propagation! JUNK!  If you have had someone else install your antenna because you didn't find us earlier and it's not performing as you expected, we can probably fix it. Contact us with your details.


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