Our TV Antenna Photo Gallery

   Photos of some of the many TV antennas we have installed over the years.  Each address is unique for reception and needs an antenna that is suited for that address and distance from Atlanta, that's why there are so many different antenna styles shown.  Each antenna receives signals a bit differently and has its own reception characteristics. A few of the antennas were customer purchased antennas that we installed and they worked for that unique address, but we don't offer those antennas. Many people receive 50 to 80+ Atlanta Free channels.  Click on a small image to enlarge.

     Our Photos of Atlanta's TV Towers


   Here are some photos of the TV towers around Atlanta that broadcast the TV channels you watch.  Most are 1000 feet tall more or less.  Each tower can have several stations and channels broadcasting from it. High power major stations are usually on the top and smaller stations have antennas on the tower but not on the top.  The higher the broadcast antenna is on the tower the farther the signal reaches out from Atlanta. Some towers are on small mountains or hilltops for height. The power output of the major stations is usually 1 million watts for Uhf, 55K to 80K watts for Vhf, smaller stations' power is from1K to 20K watts  The greater the station's power the farther the signal reaches out from Atlanta into the suburbs and beyond. Click on a small image to enlarge.

Owner's Corner

This is Atlanta Digital TV owner's home when he was young.
In the 1960's he erected, assembled the antennas and this 130' tower,
with the help of a hired tower climber when he was 15 years old
and with the help of his parent's funding. He was fascinated by
radio and TV reception.  On top of the tower, center was the largest
Winegard residential TV antenna and another available at the time.
TV signals could be received as far away as 125 miles over flat
Missouri lands.  Antennas were installed for local townsfolk. Also
see the second TV antenna with a rotor below on a 30' pole mast.
The above tower was blown down in a severe storm and re-erected
higher to 160'.  When the family moved out-of-state the tower was
sold to a local farmer for his two-way radios.  It was de-installed
(taken down) and moved to a farm 10 miles away and re-erected
to 150' since the old base was buried in a ton of cement.  The owner,
then a freshman in college, supervised, assisted and directed the
installation & tower climber for the job.  It's still standing 40+ years later.



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